Residents will enjoy meals cooked fresh in their home by trained staff, ensuring the highest quality using good ingredients and done the way individuals like them prepared.

In fact, residents will get to choose the meals they would like to see for the following week.

There are no set sit down times, all meals have a window and residents can eat when they are ready within these periods. Outside these times there will be snacks and things such as hot toast on top of the usual tea, coffee and other refreshments available.

Nutritional requirements are personal to our residents and are always respected by our caring staff so please let us know your individual needs.

We even have a bar where our EPIC residents can enjoy a relaxing drink before or after meals.

Please browse the sample selection of menus below and give us a call on 01473 358543if you have any queries.



Selection of cereals 

Selection of toast and jam/marmalades

Fresh fruit


Selection of sandwiches

Soup and a roll  

English tea

Cheese and biscuits, Homemade cake, fruit


Fish and Chips

Toad in the Hole

Chicken and leek Pie

Fish Pie

Liver and bacon with mash

Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread

Stew and dumplings


Selection of salads including: ham, cheese or tuna

Selection of desserts

Fruit salad

Fresh fruit


Syrup sponge custard

Bread an butter pudding

Rice pudding 

Ice cream

Banana Split with chocolate sauce

Apple pie with custard.cream

Sticky toffee pudding with ice cream/custard